Annie Noll, Copywriter

My Origin Story


my grandma used to say I was born with a pen in my hand, But I ended up as a strategist in the ad business before becoming a full-time writer. Part of my job was to discover insights on human behavior, which are the start of all great ads. (And great ads are always authentic, by the way). Now, I use what i know about strategy to write effective copy. I’m a strategizing-Copywriter, or Copywriting- Strategist. Up to you.


I’d be remiss not to tell you the most important part of my story, and the reason I write full time today like my grandma always thought I should…. It’s why there’s a gap on my resume between 2014 and 2016. You’ll need super hero strength to read it, but I promise, you are much stronger than you think. Our son Jonah taught us that.

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