Annie Noll, Copywriter

Creating Powerful Copy

How I work to help you connect to your customer’s Heart.

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  1. Meeting of the Minds

    After a contract is signed, we’ll meet to talk about the project. My goal is to understand you, your business, and your goals. Then to understand your customer, the problem you solve for them, and their current state-of-mind. If we need to, we’ll go out and talk to them directly.

  2. Writing of the Brief

    After research, we’ll literally get on the same page with a creative brief. This is a one-page document that drills down in simple terms our goal, our customer, plus the insight about them that gives us the key to their heart and mind.

  3. Creating of the Copy

    I’ll present to you a creative angle for copy based on the brief. Once you sign off, it’s all writing from there. In the end, you’ll have goal-focused, customer-moving copy.