Annie Noll, Copywriter

your business is complex. I’m good at making it simple.


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Brand Name and Website Copy

When Porch Swing came to me, all they had was a great idea- to help people save their life stories. Working with the founders, I helped them bravely step into the market with a fresh name, unique selling proposition, and their first ever website copy.

B2c Social Content 

There’s a lot that can go into creating an effective social strategy, but sometimes its just as simple as sharing your voice and your passion to make a connection with your audience.

b2b Social Content

In all honesty, connecting to a business audience on social media isn’t that different from connecting to a traditional consumer- both have a heart. But for B2B, you just have to find their business heart. What are their hopes and concerns? And then, what can you help them do?

Blogging/Long-Form Content 

The blogging work I’m hired for is usually B2B and every technical, so I like to get to know my client’s business and their audience as best as I can. I prefer to do that by working in their office and being collaborative, especially in the beginning. When I’m writing for a blog, I try to focus on the single most important thing (aka the SMIT) and build a story around that.

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Storytelling, Essays, and Articles 

I’m also a writer’s-writer. As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SBWI), I work with peers to hone the craft of writing for children. Our goal is to become published authors.

I’m often asked to write stories, essays, and articles. Especially, for pediatric cancer. Not every copywriter understands plot, story structure, character development, and symbolism like I do. But, sometimes creative projects need a copywriter who understands selling and storytelling at once.

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Video Scripts

I bring my storytelling experience to bare when I script a video. For me, it’s about being focused on one idea, the single most important thing(the SMIT) that needs to be said. That’s worked out pretty well, recently a video I wrote won second place at the Nonprofit KC Philly Awards. Here’s the video idea and a piece of the script.

White Paper 

Via a white paper, Populous, a leading sports architecture firm, hired me to help them the catch the eye of city planners who may consider building a new arena. My role was to design- as in the narrative. That meant working side-by-side with the architects to make their creations stand out like a brand new arena in a downtown setting.

 Let me help you save the world with your brilliant idea.