Our story with a fitting super hero twist…


At three years old, Jonah was full-speed ahead until Neuroblastoma started a fight.

In 2011, a young couple had a baby boy named Jonah. He seemed just like any other child (except extra cute.) Little did they know...

On his third birthday, Jonah surprised everyone when his powers: super human agility and miraculous healing, revealed themselves. A nemesis, Neuroblastoma, had come to defeat him.

He fought the disease on and off for two and half years. He weakened it with chemo, set it a-blaze with radiation, and used immunotherapy as a sneak attack. (And, always found time to snuggle-in with his mom at night.) 

In April 2017, Jonah thwarted Neuroblastoma's final strike with his best trick yet: he changed form and left for Heaven, a place Neuroblastoma can never go. His last words, "go get my sword."

The young couple miss him, but were given a gift to help them heal. In June 2017, they had Jonah’s baby brother, Harrison. So far, Harrison seems just like any other boy...  

Mommy, I came from the sky and I flew to you. I flew to you in my rocket shoes.
— Jonah at age four after long hospital stay